Shelley’s Experience

Shelley established Shine Strategies in 2010. She has lead a broad range of communication and coaching projects with an emphasis on executive competencies and staff performance. Shelley’s strategic communications offerings include communication audits, facilitating change management, and organizational communication action plans, as well as executive coaching for leadership excellence.

As the Social Media Administrator for Banner Marketing, Shelley initiated a Social Media program with clients across North America. She conceptualized, developed, and introduced social media products that represented clients to the public via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media networks. Shelley functioned as a liaison between the sales force, marketing team, and clients. She initiated and managed client marketing campaigns, analyzed metrics, and researched industry trends. Shelley edited and published a client-focused newsletter, as well as developed and conducted social media training for their sales team.

As Editor/Publisher of Mermaids of the Lake, an innovative on-line magazine, she has creative oversight and direction of website with 50,000+ page views per month and social media presence reaching an average of 70,000+ followers daily. She oversees all editorial content, including copywriting and graphics to the website and social media accounts.  Not only does Shelley oversee the editorial calendar, she develops marketing campaigns, and hosts fundraising events and workshops. Shelley has enjoyed editing and publishing the magazine and social media pages since 2008.

As the Program Manager for regional program for the State of Washington, Shelley was responsible for the custody of 15,000 legal records for the Department of Corrections. The program was enhanced by her ability to be flexible and responsive to a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders, while adhering to agency, state, and federal laws and regulations. Capitalizing on her skills as a multi-faceted communicator and subject matter expert, she devised and implemented strategies to educate a wide range of stake-holders and clients in legislative impacts and policy developments. She lead a large team of technicians and clerks, as well as gave direction to the regional administrative and professional staff. Shelley developed the program into a consistently top-performing operation esteemed as a model of organization, efficiency, and accuracy.

Shelley was a member of an elite training team with the State of Washington tasked with delivering managerial and leadership competencies to over 250 program directors and managers. Over the span of 12 months, this core group of six trainers presented a 40-hour training curriculum in prisons and regional offices, as well as agency headquarters, equipping the administrative body with leadership principles of excellence and key agency objectives. Some of her presentations included: Communicating and Managing Organizational Expectations, Developing a Creative Leadership Style, Forming Effective Work Teams, and Modeling Leadership in the Workplace.

Shelley continues to be involved in Sister Cities International. She conceptualized and orchestrated the formation of two sister city societies; one in Spokane, Washington, the other in Cagli, Italy. The project included researching procedures and best practices, identifying stakeholders, developing society protocols, conducting meetings, utilizing translation services, creating organizational tools, and implementing multiple communication technologies. Engaging two communities to work in concert toward a common goal requires skills in cross functional communications, as well as an ability to communicate cross-culturally.