Internal Communications


Vibrant Leaders, Engaged Staff, Clear Transitions

There is strong link between high-performing organizations and strong communication practices.

Many businesses and organizations know how to perform the work, but they struggle when it comes to the telling. Shine Strategies helps clarify and deliver that message, resulting in attracting and keeping the right employees, as well as attracting and keeping  target clients.

Within an organization, effective communication can make a difference by:

  1. Securing employee loyalty
  2. Improving or maintaining employee morale
  3. Creating mutual respect
  4. Increasing trust between employees and management
  5. Reducing turnover
  6. Reducing absenteeism
  7. Empowering employees
  8. Helping employees deal with change effectively
  9. Generating greater productivity
  10. Enabling the organization to get through a crisis
  11. Transitioning and outsourcing with support and dignity
  12. Improving the bottom line

Solving complex problems requires sophisticated strategy and the skills to execute that strategy. Shine Strategies can help communicate organizational messages in diverse ways. We are equipped with expertise that spans multiple layers across establishing and building teams, equipping and empowering managers, career transitioning, internal and external branding, marketing and funds development, and social network messaging. 

We provide tools for clear communications, critical thinking, decision making, and conflict management. We help in the following ways:

  • Executive Communications
    Supporting executives and senior staff who seek to be understood and desire to shine. Coaching and communication tools to build a foundation of trust. Assistance in leading through change, as well as establishing and maintaining positive relationships.
  • Organizational Communications
    Understanding employee communication needs during change, advice to leadership, development and implementation of communication plan
  • Employee Communications
    Development and implementation of employee communications programs including the use of internal publications, memos, intranet, employee forums/meetings, focus groups, video, social media